Monday, 20 June 2016

Lemon Drizzle

I decided to bake my usual lemon cake in a square tin which is around 18cm/ just under 8 inches square. I then cut it into 4 portions - I reckon each portion is enough for up to 4 slices depending how big you like them!  Have done the weights in old and new money :)

Don't forget we sometimes have lemons for sale on Ampthill Country Market Stall, check out the facebook page.

4oz 125g Butter or margerine
6oz 175g Sugar (Caster if you have it) 
2 large eggs 
6oz 175g self raising flour 
2 lemons (I reckon 1 big lemon would be enough) 

For topping:
sugar approx 2 ozs 

Oven is at 180c 350f gas 4 

Cream together the fat and sugar, add the egg and beat. Add the grated rind of one of the lemons, and also the juice of the lemon (or half if large lemon). Fold in the flour. Bake for 30 mins. 

So if you are new to baking - for best results, beat the fat and sugar until light and fluffy, you can use caster sugar.  Beat eggs in one at a time.  Sieve flour onto the mix and carefully fold in.

Now there are several ways to finish this. You can melt the sugar and lemon juice and pour over the cake whilst warm, spike it first with a cocktail stick. You can mix the juice of the lemon with the sugar and put on the cake whilst warm. You can add lemon rind to the mix too.  Or you could make icing from juice and icing sugar and cover and then add some rind.  Or maybe do the first and one of the others as well, for extra lemony sweetness :)

Monday, 13 June 2016

St Mary's Church Maulden fabric sale

The village next to Ampthill is Maulden and the local church St Marys had a fabric sale on Saturday, it included all sorts of fabric, patterns, yarn and haberdashery that had been donated.

It was well organised and very popular, we walked there from Ampthill and arrived at around 10 and it was already busy.  Just didn't realise that so many people sew.

Should have got them all together and we could have started a sewing group!

So this was my little haul, 3 pieces on top are just offcuts, but enough to line a bag or make a tissue pouch for the market stall, and the other larger piece should be good for a few things - suggestions welcome.  And the cotton lace I couldn't resist.

They were only charging 50p or a £1 for most things, my friend bought a pattern and some fabric.

Then we had a drink and a piece of delicious homebaked cake.

So a pleasant walk, shopping and a cake - what more could you ask for!

There are a number of walks to the Church it is just off the Greensand Ridge

Must get back into using mapmywalk, forgot to switch it on until we were half way home!

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