Friday, 19 September 2014

Jordans Mill

It was a bright and sunny day a few months ago so we took oursleves off to Jordans Mill.  It isn't far from Ampthill and was only around 25 minutes.  They have recently had a major change and invested in the historic mill and site.  

They offer guided tours around the mill or you can just wander around and read through the information boards.  I will be honest and we didn't really spend much time in the Mill, there are lots of stairs and my companion wasn't feeling up to the climb!  

We just wandered around the gardens that are laid out neatly with a paths that takes you through, and loads of seating. 

There is also a meadow with a small wooded area to wander around too. 

The gardens aren't vast, but depending on the weather it can be a pleasant hour.

You can click through on the link above for lots more information about the site - this is the new building that houses the restaurant and a small shop. 

For those of you that have visited prior to the refurb - the shop has a limited range, but does stock most of their products along with locally milled flour and some dried fruit and cereals.

They have a range of cakes, snacks and refreshments and a lovely deck that looks over the water, with umbrellas for shade if required, and seating inside. 

I couldn't resist a picture of this cheeky chap that
was climbing into a garden :)

We visited Parkside farmshop on the way there - it is only small but worth a visit and had a surprisingly amount of stock in there.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Willington Dovecote - National Trust

The only National Trust building in Bedfordshire is Willington Dovecote, we stopped by there recently and had the pleasure of being shown around the Dovecote, Stables, and also the church.  It was well worth the visit, you can go for a walk to the river after.

It is only 20 minutes or so from Ampthill.

There are 1500 'nests' in each of the two dovecotes - so a lot of doves/pigeons used to be here...and you know what would accompany that many birds....
This is the stable building that also remains as part of the farm buildings.  They do have some information in the Stable building, and there is speculation about its original reason for being built.

The chap that showed us around was very knowledgeable and is keen to promote the site, and would love to be able to get some better info boards.

They have been organising events such as a vintage car day

Check the National Trust site for event information:
NT Events

They are taking part in the Heritage open days next Saturday 13 September 2014 at 1:00pm - so make a date in your diary.

The village school was donated by the Duke of Bedfordshire.