Sunday, 14 June 2015

Quail Eggs

We have been lucky enough to have a few quail eggs each week, for the last few weeks, and I know I puzzled over what you could do with them, so have had a search around to see how long they take to cook and a few ideas how to serve them.

So one blog post I found suggested cooking them for 4 minutes for hard boiled and around 2.5 minutes for soft boiled.  This was to add them to already boiling water.

There seems to a range a recipes out there, where there seems to be a lot of work with a tiny egg, adding them to a raised pie, making them into scotch eggs, but I think it best to keep the simple, this recipe on the BBC site looks simple and delicious for a lovely light lunch.

Have you bought any yet - how did you cook yours, would love to hear.

And then of course like all good things there is a lot of information out there why they are so good for you :)

Benefits of quail eggs

It starts by saying: Quail eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals. Even with their small size, their nutritional value is three to four times greater than chicken eggs. Quail eggs contain 13 percent proteins compared to 11 percent in chicken eggs. Quail eggs also contain 140 percent of vitamin B1 compared to 50 percent in chicken eggs. In addition, quail eggs provide five times as much iron and potassium. Unlike chicken eggs, quail eggs have not been know to cause allergies or diathesis. Actually they help fight allergy symptoms due to the ovomucoid protein they contain.

And another interesting fact the plural of quail is quail.....

Friday, 5 June 2015

....and some of the rest of the market

I thought I would add some pics of some of the other stalls, it was a lovely day on Thursday in Ampthill and so took the camera along, funny how there always seems to be something in the way of a great picture :)

So as well as our stall there is household goods, jewellery and decor, cheese, bread, fruit & veg, fish, plants, pet foods, Keech hospice charity stall, garden ornaments tec.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New stalls

Ampthill Town Council provides stalls to those that need one and they have recently changed to posh blue gazebo ones - they look very smart and match in with lots of the others that are already on the market.

They are a little bit dark inside compared to what we are used to, so think we may need to get a white cloth to brighten it up - what do you think?

We are in Ampthill every Thursday morning

we do have windows in some of the panels

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More crafts

As promised here are a few of the other products that we have been selling on the stall, some of them have that "vintagey" feel with some lovely floral fabrics.

If you see something you like come along to Ampthill Country Market Stall - we are there every Thursday morning until 12 noon.